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Intro to Misha’s panel + his manservants

Hi, I’m Chris Pratt. I’ve been challenged by Bob Iger and Vincent D’Onofrio to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Gentlemen, I accept your challenge. Uh, now, that’s twice I’ve been challenged, so I’m gonna do it slightly different. Instead of doing one bucket of ice, what I’m going to do… I found this, it’s called Blue Ice Vodka and in lieu of the bucket of ice, I’ll be drinking this. (x)

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This will make a lot more sense to people who have seen the movie. 


"This is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse." [x]

Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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my entries for carry on wayward losers, drawn way back in feb-apr.
copies still available!


thank god i had enough adopted winchester family feelings to finish this goddamn thing

Anonymous said: does this mean we will be seeing house fanart from you-


well here’s one that i already did


high school me thought i was hilarious

and here’s one that i did just now but idk if i’ll be doing more because hugh laurie is every bit as difficult to draw as i remember him being



very kevin bacon

McCoy. Leonard McCoy.

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